Orange County

Orange County

RADwood SoCal 2019 - 1980s/1990s Car Show

Saturday, December 7, 2019 -
10:30am to 3:30pm
Oak Canyon Park
Jeff | Maurice

Join us on December 7th, 2019 at Oak Canyon Park for our third SoCal RADwood.

RADwood is a celebration of '80s and '90s automotive lifestyle. The car show that blends period correct dress with automotive awesomeness. A period correct event for cars, trucks, and bikes from 1980-1999 that captures the essence of a bodacious era. Wear your best '80s and '90s clothing and bring your rollerblades or BMX bike, because it's going to get RAD!

Register for the event with your 1980-1999 car for $30 or motorcycle for $30. (Entry for cars not pre-registered will be $40 at the gate if spots are still available).

"RADwood Royalty" cars are cars that represent the ultimate essence of the era and are subject to organizer approval. Tickets for "Royalty" are $100 and get showcase parking + a limited edition RADwood t-shirt.

General admission is $15 per person, kids 12 and under get RAD for free!(Entry for General admission not pre-registered will be $20 at the gate and online day of).

RAIN OR SHINE! See you at the show!